William is potentially available to speak at your conference or event. His agent for contract speaking is JLA. Please feel free to contact them directly if interested. If you do not have the budget for his commercial rates he does a maximum of ten per year on a free or costs-only basis in exceptional circumstances. These situations are typically causes he cares about (e.g. encouraging entrepreneurship), particularly interesting or prestigious events or to help organisations or people he already has a strong relationship with. Please note though that he gets several hundred such invitations per year (several per week) so only has the bandwidth to do a small percentage. 

Selected talks:

Fujitsu Executive Discussion Evening. Are we running out of trust? Power and responsibility in the digital age. London. 20th March 2019.

Global Business Blockchain Council. Annual meeting. Davos. 22nd January 2019

How to change the world (with AI and startups). Howto: Academy. London. 6 December 2018

BAML Consumer Conference. Voice Ordering and Artificial Intelligence to change the way we shop. Paris. 28th November 2018

FashMash Pioneers: the future of voice beyond Amazon Alexa. London. 25th September 2018

One Story of British Engineering and Enterprise. Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub Annual Showcase. Keynote speech. 31 May 2018

Cognition X: Let’s Chat about Chatbots. Keynote. 22 Feb 2018

Pivoting to Success. Enterprise Tuesday. Cambridge University. 13 Feb 2018

Cognition X: The Impact of AI on the Customer Experience. 21 June 2017

BBC Blue Room Insight Talk: Will Our Children be Talking to Machines? 29 March 2017

Winton Labs demo day Keynote: William Tunstall-Pedoe. 9 February 2017

Entrepreneur First: An Evening with William Tunstall-Pedoe. 1 December 2016.

Cambridge Angels: Investing in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence companies. 11 October 2016

Carnegie Mellon LTI Colloquium: Answering any question, in any language, in one second or less.  17 April 2015. Flyer

Enterprise Tuesday 2015: Make It Brilliant & They Will Come. The Story of Evi. Cambridge University. 10 February 2015.  Flyer (pdf).

Evi (An Amazon Company) Tech Talk – Answering any question, in any language, in one second or less. Cambridge University. 27 October 2014

Seattle AVIOS. Speech technology meetup. Talk by William Tunstall-Pedoe, founder and inventor of Evi. 13 February 2014