I got an email today from an American composer called Nick Didkovsky (wikipedia page) who tells me that he sometimes uses Anagram Genius to generate titles for his compositions.

He also tells me that a CD containing his music played by a group called the Meridian Arts Ensemble has just been published. Most of the tracks are named from Anagram Genius generated anagrams of the group’s name:

8. Steamier Sinner Blamed
9. An Idle Saint Remembers
10. Terrible As Mean Denims
11. Meanie Master Blinders
12. Beastler Madmen Risen
13. Mere Brains Is Lamented
14. Miserable Sinner Mated
15. Denser Mealtime Brains
16. Last Inane Dismemberer
17. Remedial, Eminent Brass
18. Manliest Base Reminder
19. Able, Saner Determinism
20. A Mean, Dim Terribleness
21. Steamier Limb Ensnared
22. Merriest, Blamed, Insane

Further details of the CD and an option to purchase are on CD Baby.