The worldwide launch of the Da Vinci Code movie was today and I’ve just come back from seeing it.

I won’t write a long review as others will have a lot more to say about it generally, but I enjoyed it. It was a very visual movie – lots of very beautiful cinematic shots and ghostly flashbacks into history. I also thought the casting was really excellent.

From a personal perspective something I was very surprised (and pleased) to see was that despite having a budget of $125 million for the movie’s production, they chose to faithfully lift all of “my” anagrams straight from the novel unaltered, apparently unable to improve on that part of the plot.

In fact they appeared to go even further than what I remember from the novel. One of the Anagram Genius generated anagrams, So Dark the Con of Man, was referenced several times beyond the scene in the Louvre as a reference to the wider conspiracy. Robert Langdon asked Sophie whether she had heard those words in her childhood and the “dark con of man” seemed almost to be used as the official name for the wider plot.

Unsurprisingly, I’m not in the movie credits: my contribution was covered by the writing credit to Dan Brown (who in turn thanked me in the novel) but I’m still delighted.