I am potentially available to speak at your conference or event. However, please note that I get a lot of such invitations (several per week) and don’t have anything like the bandwidth to do more than a small percentage. I do approximately ten per year on a free or costs-only basis in exceptional circumstances, the rest are done on a strictly paid commercial basis and my rates are high. If the latter is of interest, I also have an agent for this: JLA. Please feel free to contact them directly if interested.

Selected talks:

One Story of British Engineering and Enterprise. Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub Annual Showcase. Keynote speech. 31 May 2018

Cognition X: Let’s Chat about Chatbots. Keynote. 22 Feb 2018

Pivoting to Success. Enterprise Tuesday. Cambridge University. 13 Feb 2018

Cognition X: The Impact of AI on the Customer Experience. 21 June 2017

BBC Blue Room Insight Talk: Will Our Children be Talking to Machines? 29 March 2017

Winton Labs demo day Keynote: William Tunstall-Pedoe. 9 February 2017

Entrepreneur First: An Evening with William Tunstall-Pedoe. 1 December 2016.

Cambridge Angels: Investing in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence companies. 11 October 2016

Carnegie Mellon LTI Colloquium: Answering any question, in any language, in one second or less.  17 April 2015. Flyer

Enterprise Tuesday 2015: Make It Brilliant & They Will Come. The Story of Evi. Cambridge University. 10 February 2015.  Flyer (pdf).

Evi (An Amazon Company) Tech Talk – Answering any question, in any language, in one second or less. Cambridge University. 27 October 2014

Seattle AVIOS. Speech technology meetup. Talk by William Tunstall-Pedoe, founder and inventor of Evi. 13 February 2014