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The company I founded, True Knowledge, has just come out from under the radar.

The old website which said just two sentences about what we are doing is now replaced with a brand new website describing what we are doing in detail and a video demo of our technology in action is now prominently published:

We are also now starting our private beta where people from outside the company can apply for access to an early version of one of our products, try it out and enable us to refine it in the light of their feedback.

I started work on the company’s technology almost ten years ago, determined to make an attempt at applying my AI and software development skills to a really important problem which would really make a difference if I could succeed.

Substantial amounts of work were done back then but all the technological and commercial pieces didn’t fully come together until 2005 after which I managed to obtain some early finance to take on staff and produce a fully working system. Having proven all the key technical issues we set about raising venture capital and succeeded when Octopus Ventures funded us a little earlier this year. We are now in full growth mode, taking on staff and gearing up to the next stage.

I’m very excited and optimistic about what we are doing but we need a lot of help. If you can join us, partner with us or assist us in any way, we very much want to hear from you.

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