This is the personal website of William Tunstall-Pedoe.

I'm a British, AI entrepreneur. I'm currently based in Cambridge, England. (Click here to read my resumé.)

I am currently employed full time on an exciting internet technology start-up which I founded.

I am the only person to succeed in programming a computer to solve cryptic crossword puzzles. I developed the Crossword Maestro technology that can not only solve a significant majority of commercially published clues but also explains how the clues work in plain English. (More details.)

I am also the developer of the Anagram Genius software. This applies artificial intelligence techniques to the task of finding relevent, amusing anagrams of any subject and is widely accepted as unique. The software is on its ninth major version and has a development history starting in 1988. It has been used directly by approximately five million people and is responsible for most of the high quality anagrams that have been discovered in the last fifteen years. One of these users was Dan Brown who used it to create the anagrams in the Da Vinci Code book and movie (and credited me). Many tens of millions of further people have been exposed to the software indirectly, perhaps by seeing some of the anagrams it created. (More details.)

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